20 years ago, owning a piece of art required careful foreboding, followed by multiple visits to art galleries, followed by browsing through brochures, and more often than not, having to make do with limited opportunities to have artistic experiences within the country. It was a long-winded process that only a few could afford.


It’s safe to assume that we’ve come a long way in the past two decades. But what exactly has changed?

We have a long and short answer for it and would like to begin with a slightly longer explanation just to set the context.


Art as we know it has evolved to acquire more meanings. It’s no longer a rigid compartment that one could fill with canvases, oil paints, and heavy wooden framed brush strokes on a wall. It has come to encompass a wide range of installations, sculptures, mixed mediums, practically anything that could be imagined to pass off as art — as long as the story behind it is believable.

It is communication made visible — a language that evolves to include all that we lay our eyes on.
Which brings us to our short answer. There’s been a mindset reset that has led to a cultural awakening — art is accessible to more of us from being just a domain of a few.
Traditionally reserved for paintings, walls are now a blank canvas for all kinds of artistic expression. There are no restrictions – rather, there is an attempt to do away with puritanical concepts of art.


Wall art has emerged as a novel category in itself. From striking wallpapers to textured panelling – walls are the first to undergo metamorphosis the moment there is an urge to change things up. At White Domus, we revere the wall as our pièce de résistance – it is the point of origin for most of our storyboards and the place where our final vision culminates. We get playful with serious materials like recycled stainless steel. We love blowing things out of proportion – literally, with our choice of materials, giving them shapes and sizes that are hugely unexpected. And then we position them on walls to create a unique story.

There could be a solitary statement piece or a bunch of smaller pieces that could be landscaped as per available space and personal choice. We work independently on our designs, collecting inspiration from all over the world. For execution, we look towards our clients’ and love to merge our vision boards with theirs. That’s what makes each piece one of its kind.


One of the ways that we distinguish ourselves from other artists is by way of championing the use of reflections. Nearly everything you see is a reflective piece of work that draws the viewer in. It’s like gazing at a star and having it gaze right back at you.

Using high quality lustrous pigments, we work on imparting a glossy finish to our creations that look lush and lend themselves to all kinds of spaces. Most of all, the reflections give rise to an immersive art experience. Right from the person who sees their reflection in the wall art to the way light interacts with it – everything and everyone that comes in its line of vision alters the final perspective of the art piece.


White Domus Designs is now available online and you can build or customise your choice of art with us. Reach out to us to get creative.


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